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Software that makes software

Create and run apps in the most efficient way: automatically!

Develop secure corporate applications for the leading platforms, migrate from legacy systems and create new functionalities around your current business systems, all with GeneXus™.

GeneXus Server:
Efficiency, Versioning & Automation

Speed up your software development with GeneXus™ Server. Version management and automated knowledge integration, with the whole solution on the server.

Version Management

The server keeps all development branches and version “frozen”. All that is needed in the development KB is just the branch over which the changes will be made. Commits may be monitored to dissipate build processes, test execution, deployments, etc.

Enhanced Collaboration Environment

Team work is a lot easier, and integrating the project is automatic, and it all comes down to sending and receiving changes. No administrator is then necessary.

At any time, from anywhere

With GeneXus™ Server developers may obtain an updated copy of the server from any location. For instance, they may have a local KB at the office and another copy at home, with the possibility of synchronizing them through GeneXus™ Server.

Project Monitoring

The GeneXus™ Server console allows the inclusion, in the project, of managers or customers for whom we are working (who are parties involved even when they do not have any developing activity), so as to enable them to supervise the system’s development.

GeneXus™ Business Process Management Suite

Simplify, automate and optimize your company´s processes and system development with our Business Process Management and Optimization Suite.

Compatible (interoperability)

Compatible document through XPDL and BPMN (Business Process Modeler Notation) standards.