GeneXus Enterprise AI is here!

Fuel your AI-Motion

We are the spine that connects companies with LLMs in a monitored and cost effective way to easily compose Ai-Assistants, acting as a backbone to protect data privacy.

The Core Strength of your AI-Motion

  • Plug your organisation into LLMs intelligence in a monitored way
  • Protect your private information from becoming public
  • Keep a close eye on usage & access to AI-Models
  • Optimise your AI spending and cache repeated queries

Empower users to solve their needs with natural language

Unlock the creation of robust AI-Assistants that can integrate and interact with your current operations, processes, systems and documents, creating new paths of innovation and productivity to explore.


Implement AI-Assistants tailored to your specific needs and areas of expertise

Create a superb customer experience

Integrate an AI assistant into customer service, trained on your policies and processes, enabling seamless customer-initiated refund or product return requests through conversational channels.

Chat with your systems

You could add a conversational interface to your SAP Inventory Management System to quickly get insights of inventory levels, shortages or identify a bottleneck in your supply chain.

Analyse tons of complex information

Based on your historical sales data, the market forecasts and economic factors, you could simplify demand forecasting and automatically create purchase orders.

Chat with your documents

Your legal department could use it for contract review and analysis by identifying key clauses, summarising contracts, highlighting potential risks, and providing recommendations for necessary actions or precautions.

Classify or edit information

The compliance team can leverage an AI assistant to automate the generation of audit reports through analysis of pertinent data.

Create and translate contents

You could use your AI Assistant to create all the technical documentation for your new product in different languages, for instance a car or a new drug, just by entering unstructured information and defining the parameters.